About Nauiyu (Daly River, Northern Territory)

Nauiyu is a remote Aboriginal community approximately 250km south of Darwin in the Northern Territory. The Malak Malak people who live both in Nauiyu and downstream at Wooliana are the traditional owners of the land.  Their main language is Ngungi Kurunggurr. 

Nauiyu is set on the banks of the Daly River which snakes it way around the community. It is regarded as one of the best fishing places for catching Barramundi in Australia. Each year it hosts two fishing competitions, the "Barra Classic" and the "Barra Nationals".

Following a number of bloody exchanges between the Malak Malak people and local miners in the late 19th Century, the Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church established their first mission in Australia.   

In recent years, the people of Nauiyu have witnessed a decline in the general wellbeing of their youth, with suicide and substance abuse on the increase.  Young people are not succeeding in their education. Nauiyu has no discrete high school and students need to go away from home to get a full education. The best successes are for students who stay with a family who can provide a family support system while completing high school, but this requires further funding to give the students the same opportunities that most other Australian children receive as a matter of course. Following school, there are many young people at Nauiyu who need to be meaningfully employed in order to become confident and successful adults.